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Note to friend non_religion - God Without Religion @

1. The arrogance of Prayer: It's like telling g-d what He already knows - either what humans need and that He is great!!
2. I don't think g-d relies on religion for his personal use or satisfaction. Religion is rather an idea that could be very helpful for those who subscribe to it.

Note to: Friend azare - azare @

1. I befriended you because my parents were both pure blooded Hungarians. I felt a kinship. Just explaining.

Note to Friend daeverra - i'm so tired, my mind is on the blink @

You're so deep, so deep. I appreciate it.

Note to Friend djgrom - djgrom @

Very nice site. I like your depth.

Note to frien kpw86 - Kyle @

I appreciate the serious and honest flavor of your site layout and the content/substance!

Note to friend onsede - Kerry Brennan

Your wisdom just pours out. Love it!
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Pleasure to meet you, whoever you are.
I overlooked my userinfo the other day and noticed you had friended me. Thanks for the compliment, btw. But I'm curious (and you may answer this through email to if you wish).

Are you a professor of some kind? You listed two schools of higher education in your info and you seem to be interested in highly academic areas.

Also, what do you mean by, "I hope at the same time I will also benefit from the younger generation?"

Sounds intriguing.

i gmailed you.