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31 December
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I am an older male possibly trying to make a good influence on others. I do not know yet. I hope at the same time I will also benefit from the younger generation. I love to learn. I am mainly cerebral. I shun too much wealth and materialism. I believe that the main entity in a human being is their soul. Everything else is temporary. I believe it's a waste of time to dwell on excessive physical wants. Sure it cannot be proven, but the physical aspect of life surely does not remain. Albeit there is an over abundance of stuff in the world, true it's the economy stu.., but it takes us away from civilized harmony. I would like to impress upon the rich, religious and powerful (government) in a positive way. It just isn't enough for a rich man to ignore the rest of the poor or the clergy to be so still about the rest of the lay society and the powerful to remain selfish and only worry about its own people and careless about the rest of the world. They are the ones that truly carry the influence and responsibility. I cannot expect to make an impression on that segment of our civilization, they are what they are, yada, yada, yada... Meaning, what good does it do for one person to speak up, especially in a blog site!!